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Reliable chromium-6 researchat your location?

The specialists at SEEF developed the most reliable method for detecting chromium-6 on location. With the unique SEEF chromium-6 inventory we show with the same reliability as a laboratory whether a paint sample contains chromium-6.
In addition, this method has been officially validated by Rijkswaterstaat.

Measuring chromium-6 has never been easier!

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Independent chromium 6 research

An independent chromium 6 examination to your property

We have extensive experience in carrying out independent research on your object. To determine the number of samples to be taken, we conform to the 'OGOS-TRL-300' guideline for taking paint samples in order to determine the chromium-6 value in your paint.

This helps to determine a representative sample. If required, we can also carry out additional studies such as a PAH analysis or a heavy metals research in paint.

Instant results

With the extremely reliable and fast method of SEEF, you will have immediate results at a very competitive rate. And with the same reliability as an accredited laboratory where an analysis often takes several days.


As a contractor or employer, you are responsible for the safety of your employees. Chromium-6 does not have to entail high costs, but it does require a low-threshold view of your object.

Reliability of an accredited chromium-6 laboratory study

The SEEF test method is much more reliable than other chromium-6 tests currently on the market. SEEF developed a test that is not inferior to an accredited laboratory study of chromium-6 in paint.

Other test methods can give false-negative results. This is the result of, among other things, reducing substances such as zinc and aluminium in the paint sample. SEEF has invented the unique control measurement. The control measurement validates the sample measurement if it is reliable. No more false negatives results!

The SEEF test is based on the NIOSH 7600 method, the American standard for chromium-6 research of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Several accredited laboratories in the Netherlands have obtained their accreditation on an own variant of this method.

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